Erebus Coffee offers brew-it-yourself products to bring the coffee shop to you. We want you to have the best options for the best price. We go on the hunt and select coffee beans that we feel are perfect for brewing by cold brew. Each of our three roasts—decaf, bold, and original—are fair trade and organic. The result is exceptional specialty coffee at a fraction of the cost of a coffee shop.

Our beans come from UP Coffee Roasters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 



Steep each individual brew bag with 2 cups water. Set container in the fridge for 12-24 hours.


Remove the brew bags gently and you are left with cold brew concentrate.

Enjoy It

Add milk or water to dilute to taste and pour over ice.



Mix It

What’s your drink of choice? Our cold brew concentrate can be mixed with milk or made into cocktails like a Manhattan.

Float It

Fill a glass 2/3 full of lemonade or tonic, and float cold brew concentrate on top. These make deliciously elevated coffee drinks.

Heat It

Our cold brew concentrate can be mixed with hot water for your morning cup of joe or when you want a warm pick-me-up.



Tried and True

No need to mess with a great thing. Our cold brew bags make delicious coffee concentrate while you sleep. You wake up to craft cold brew without the coffee shop. Dilute to taste using water (cold or hot), milk, or alt milk of choice, or drink straight if jet fuel is your thing.

Steep each cold brew bag with two cups of water for 18 to 24 hours. Need more cold brew … no problem. Make a batch using the two cups to one cold brew bag ratio. Two bags, four cups water. Three bags, six cups water. Etc.



Caffeinated Cocktails

Cold brew adds nice depth to cocktails. We regularly dish up new recipes over at our blog. Click through to find out how to make cold brew negronis, martinis, and more.



Our Name

The name is a throwback to our time in Antarctica as Mt. Erebus towers over the research station where we met. Erebus is also the personification of darkness in Greek mythology and the name of the HMS Erebus that carried James Clark Ross to Antarctica from 1839 to 1843. Erebus Coffee conjures images of dark, cold, and caffeine, which beautifully captures our life together from McMurdo to Minnesota.


Our Team

We (co-owners Hally and Micah) met at McMurdo Station in Antarctica in 2008, and eventually settled into life in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Our time together has been marked by multiple businesses, various jobs, and world travel. Coffee is ever present keeping us well caffeinated. The 2018/2019 winter in Minnesota was particularly long, cold, and dark giving time to strategize another endeavor and Erebus Coffee was born.