Coffee In Cold Brew Bags - Bold Roast

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Wanting a more dynamic, complex roast? Look no further than Erebus Coffee Bold. This roast is robust and smoky with undertones of black pepper and perfume. Erebus Coffee Bold is a French roast. Grab this when you want a little more punch and depth to your morning pick-me-up.


Method 1: Ready-to-Drink
For when you just want a few cups of the good stuff.

STEEP 1 brew bag in 2 cups (16 oz) water. 

WAIT 12 hours. Refrigeration & patience recommended.
REMOVE compostable brew bag. Try not to squeeze it.



Method 2: Concentrate
Get more mileage out of your overnight brew. Concentrate is a great method for having cold brew coffee on-hand all week long.


STEEP 2 brew bags in 3 cups (24 oz) water. 

WAIT 24 hours. Refrigeration & patience strongly recommended.
REMOVE compostable brew bags. Resist the urge to squeeze them.

REFRIGERATE concentrate for a full week of freshness.

POUR 1 cup of concentrate.

ADD 1 cup of water.


Method 3: Your Way 

There are dozens of ways to enjoy Erebus Cold Brew Coffee--find the brew that’s right for you! Once you get comfortable with our tried-and-true brew methods, we invite you to experiment with brew times, water/coffee ratios, milks and mixers, and serving temperatures.

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Consistently excellent
Written by Alan on Feb 16th 2022

I continue to purchase this fine-tasting cold brew coffee because of the great taste, the convenience of the packaging and the great customer service

Written by Rebekah on May 19th 2021

I did not expect to like this one as much as I do! It's very strong but has such a good flavor.

Great for daily cold brew drinkers.
Written by Derek J McIver on May 19th 2021

Every day we drink Erebus cold brew. We brew 2 packets in a pitcher for 24 hours and then transfer it into a carafe which we use for the day. We put all the water in the pitcher when we make it, in other words we don't go "by the directions" and just put in all the water at once.

Quality Cold Brew
Written by Maria Carter on Apr 5th 2021

The bold cold brew flavor from Erebus is perfect! I like a strong-flavored cold coffee, and these bags couldn’t be simpler to use and deliver consistent results in quality. I have an espresso machine (did I mention I like strong coffee? Haha), but I don’t always have time to use it when I need to get to work in the morning as the process to make an espresso shot is sort of time-intensive. So lately, I have been having this cold brew ready to go in the morning, as it’s much faster. I just throw the bag in the water the morning before, and it’s ready to go for the next day.

Excellent cold brew
Written by Kimberly on Apr 1st 2021

Good, strong cold brew coffee flavor. If you like iced coffee/cold brew, and actually still like to taste your coffee even with added cream/milk, this is a must. I personally want to taste my coffee (that’s why I’m drinking it!), and the bold coffee flavor is not dampened with cream or milk. Excellent coffee!

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