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Erebus Coffee Decaf is pure heaven because it doesn’t taste like, well, decaf. Using a water (as opposed to a chemical) process, these beans retain their distinct origin and flavor characteristics. This decaf has hints of caramel and citrus, and is deliciously sweet. Switch to this decaf if you want more coffee but need to skip the caffeine.

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5 stars
Written by Paz on May 27th 2021

I can only drink decaf coffee and few places serve or sell it. Erebus iced decaf is DELICIOUS. Worth every penny and always a great customer experience. Thank you for taking care of us who are relegated from the caffeinated world.

Decaf dream
Written by Anna on Apr 9th 2021

I love the simplicity of the decaf! It’s a great smooth cold brew for the late work afternoons. Also the packets are the perfect amount to make overnight!

Decaf cold brew gamechanger
Written by Kimberly on Apr 1st 2021

I initially bought the decaf cold brew for my husband, since he works late but doesn’t want caffeine at 9pm. I myself am sensitive to caffeine and try to limit my intake. We love coffee, but had yet to find a company that made decaf iced/cold brew available for purchase to make at home. Erebus Coffee was the first company I found, and we are not disappointed! We’ve tried all 3 cold brew products, and both agree that the decaf is our favorite. I’m so glad that I can now enjoy coffee when I want to, without having to worry about the caffeine! I’ve placed 3 orders with this company now, and each time, shipping has been very fast, as well. Amazing company and delicious coffee!

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