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Erebus Coffee Decaf is pure heaven because it doesn’t taste like, well, decaf. Using a water (as opposed to a chemical) process, these beans retain their distinct origin and flavor characteristics. This decaf has hints of caramel and citrus, and is deliciously sweet. Switch to this decaf if you want more coffee but need to skip the caffeine.


Method 1: Ready-to-Drink
For when you just want a few cups of the good stuff.

STEEP 1 brew bag in 2 cups (16 oz) water. 

WAIT 12 hours. Refrigeration & patience recommended.
REMOVE compostable brew bag. Try not to squeeze it.



Method 2: Concentrate
Get more mileage out of your overnight brew. Concentrate is a great method for having cold brew coffee on-hand all week long.


STEEP 2 brew bags in 3 cups (24 oz) water. 

WAIT 24 hours. Refrigeration & patience strongly recommended.
REMOVE compostable brew bags. Resist the urge to squeeze them.

REFRIGERATE concentrate for a full week of freshness.

POUR 1 cup of concentrate.

ADD 1 cup of water.


Method 3: Your Way 

There are dozens of ways to enjoy Erebus Cold Brew Coffee--find the brew that’s right for you! Once you get comfortable with our tried-and-true brew methods, we invite you to experiment with brew times, water/coffee ratios, milks and mixers, and serving temperatures.

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Flavorful Decaf
Written by Kelsey on Jan 3rd 2022

This decaf cold brew is my go to. It has the rich flavor of regular but doesn't leave me jittery and anxious. It always ships and arrives quickly too!

Best Decaf Cold Brew Ever!
Written by Rich on Sep 19th 2021

Not only is it easy to make, but decaf cold brew is impossible to find. When you do, it is usually not very good. This product is amazing!

Written by Mary on Aug 31st 2021

Love the cold brew coffee packs, so convenient to use.

Decaf Cold Brew
Written by Michelle on Aug 24th 2021

I was looking for a decaf cold brew that actually tasted good and I found it! The coffee is delicious and the shipping is fast! Thank you!

Erebus Decaf!
Written by Kadee Macey on Aug 10th 2021

Normally decaf iced coffee is just leftover brewed poured over ice. I didn't realize how bitter that was until having proper decaf cold brew. Erebus is silky and mild, almost malty. I mean, the minute you open the bag, that sublime smell tells you it will brew up beautifully. And by brew I mean throwing the coffee bag in with some water and letting it wait in the fridge. I liked it best after a full 24 hours of steeping, over ice, with a splash of cream.

Decaf Expresso
Written by Crystal H. Patterson on Aug 8th 2021

Love the cold brew decaf!!! I don’t miss the caffeine . I like strong coffee so I pour it over ice, and add just a little water with a touch of vanilla extract. It’s delicious!

decaf cold brew bags
Written by Michele on Jul 22nd 2021

These are great ! So delicious and yet decaf ! We have been buying them for more than a year. I make sure we don't run out! They are wonderful and so is Micah!

Great decaf!
Written by Don on Jun 28th 2021

I didn’t really know if cold brew decaf was even a thing until I went looking online and found this product from Erebus. It’s great… and from right here in my hometown of St. Paul, MN! Love it & keep it coming!

Written by Kelsey on Jun 21st 2021

This decaf cold brew had a rich and refreshing flavor. I love coffee but I have had to cut down significantly on caffeine. This has all the flavor and body without sending me into a jittery spiral of unmitigated rage. It's easy to brew and easy to drink. Love it!

5 stars
Written by Paz on May 27th 2021

I can only drink decaf coffee and few places serve or sell it. Erebus iced decaf is DELICIOUS. Worth every penny and always a great customer experience. Thank you for taking care of us who are relegated from the caffeinated world.

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