Coffee In Cold Brew Bags - Original Roast

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Erebus Coffee Original is rich, creamy, and smooth … everything you want in cold brew coffee. This is a well-rounded roast with flavors of chocolate, subtle citrus and floral, and a little graham cracker. Original roast also makes an exceptional hot cup of coffee.


Method 1: Ready-to-Drink
For when you just want a few cups of the good stuff.

STEEP 1 brew bag in 2 cups (16 oz) water. 

WAIT 12 hours. Refrigeration & patience recommended.
REMOVE compostable brew bag. Try not to squeeze it.



Method 2: Concentrate
Get more mileage out of your overnight brew. Concentrate is a great method for having cold brew coffee on-hand all week long.


STEEP 2 brew bags in 3 cups (24 oz) water. 

WAIT 24 hours. Refrigeration & patience strongly recommended.
REMOVE compostable brew bags. Resist the urge to squeeze them.

REFRIGERATE concentrate for a full week of freshness.

POUR 1 cup of concentrate.

ADD 1 cup of water.


Method 3: Your Way 

There are dozens of ways to enjoy Erebus Cold Brew Coffee--find the brew that’s right for you! Once you get comfortable with our tried-and-true brew methods, we invite you to experiment with brew times, water/coffee ratios, milks and mixers, and serving temperatures.

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Erebus original cold brew
Written by Alan on Aug 13th 2021

Excellent efficient service. Smooth, great-tasting coffee. Easy to make.

Excellent Coffee!
Written by Jean Wolff on Jul 26th 2021

Such smooth coffee with depth and complex character. It is outstanding as either hot or cold. Hot days call for a brewed supply for a quick pour over ice cubes with a good pour of milk and you're good to go!

Favorite cold brew
Written by Rebekah on May 19th 2021

This is my favorite cold brew!! It tastes delicious and is super convenient in the mesh bags.

Smooth, delicious cold brew
Written by Terence Bennett on Mar 17th 2021

I love this coffee! I order it all the way in California because it's the old coffee roaster I could find that packages their cold brew in individual brew bags. It's smooth, delicious coffee and I drink it every day. Five stars! Recipe: I put two brew bags in an eight-cup pitcher for 24-hours.

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