Cold Brew Sample Pack - Bold Roast

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Wanting a more dynamic, complex roast? Look no further than Erebus Coffee Bold. This roast is robust and smoky with undertones of black pepper and perfume. Erebus Coffee Bold is a French roast. Grab this when you want a little more punch and depth to your morning pick-me-up.


Method 1: Ready-to-Drink
For when you just want a few cups of the good stuff.

STEEP 1 brew bag in 2 cups (16 oz) water. 

WAIT 12 hours. Refrigeration & patience recommended.
REMOVE compostable brew bag. Try not to squeeze it.



Method 2: Concentrate
Get more mileage out of your overnight brew. Concentrate is a great method for having cold brew coffee on-hand all week long.


STEEP 2 brew bags in 3 cups (24 oz) water. 

WAIT 24 hours. Refrigeration & patience strongly recommended.
REMOVE compostable brew bags. Resist the urge to squeeze them.

REFRIGERATE concentrate for a full week of freshness.

POUR 1 cup of concentrate.

ADD 1 cup of water.


Method 3: Your Way 

There are dozens of ways to enjoy Erebus Cold Brew Coffee--find the brew that’s right for you! Once you get comfortable with our tried-and-true brew methods, we invite you to experiment with brew times, water/coffee ratios, milks and mixers, and serving temperatures.

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