How many servings does one cold brew bag make?

Each individual cold brew bag is steeped in two cups of water, and will yield 12 ounces of concentrate. If you dilute the concentrate 1 to 1, you will have 24 ounces of cold brew coffee. Actual servings will vary by taste.


How much concentrate do I use for one serving?

Start with a 1 to 1 ratio diluting 4 ounces of concentrate with 4 ounces of milk or water. If it is too strong, add more milk or water. If too weak, add more concentrate. Erebus Coffee is forgiving and accommodating to your preference. Go ahead and experiment.


Can I heat up the cold brew?

Yup. Dilute the concentrate to taste with milk or water. Heat up on the stove top until hot but not boiling or in the microwave for about a minute. Increase the time if needed.


Can I brew hot coffee with the cold brew bags?

Cold brew bags don't work well in conventional coffee makers though you can always dump grounds out. After all, each cold brew bag is filled with ground coffee. 

Place cold brew bag in a heat-proof container (like a french press) and pour boiling water over bag. We recommend starting with 8 ounces of water for each cold brew bag. Stir gently until bag is evenly wet, steep for 3 to 4 minutes.


How long do I steep the cold brew bags?

We recommend steeping cold brew in the fridge for no less than 12 and no longer than 24 hours. Our preference is 24 hours.


How long will the concentrate stay fresh?

Cold brew will stay fresh in the fridge for a couple weeks. Once you figure out your preference for taste and servings, we recommend you brew what you will drink in a week for the best taste.


What makes Erebus Coffee special?

Our organic, fair trade coffee is velvety smooth, and our decaf is the best we have ever tasted. The difference is in the taste, and we think you will agree. Give us a try.


Is Erebus Coffee coffee Fair Trade? Organic?

Yes to both!


Is the whole bean coffee also meant for cold brew?

Our whole bean coffee can be brewed hot or cold.


Tell me more about shipping.

Always free shipping anywhere in the US including Alaska and Hawaii. We ship items Monday and Friday using USPS. This ensures the fastest delivery for the best price.

We want to have your order arrive as soon as possible, and understand our shipping processes may not meet your needs. Send us a message if you need something sooner. We will try to work with you.

Shipping is one of our biggest costs as a small business. Buying in bulk is always better. We offer discounts if you buy more. When you purchase $40 or more, you will automatically get 10% off. This works out to buy 10 get the 11th bag free!


What’s your refund policy?

We will happily refund your purchase if you are unsatisfied with our products. Refunds need to be requested within 30 days of the purchase date. Email us first and tell us what is wrong. You will need to pay for shipping any unused portion back to us.